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Deadline Appeals Petition Information

The Deadline Appeals Board reviews Deadline Appeal Petitions and makes decisions on requests for registration changes for the current term.  Students can request to add, drop or withdraw from courses as well as request grade option changes and refunds of tuition.  Petitions are reviewed weekly throughout the current term and results are mailed directly to the student. All Undergraduate petitions must be submitted before grades post for current term. Graduate current term petitions are due before the beginning of the following term.  To request a change you must explain the extenuating circumstances which prevented you from meeting the registration deadline. The following information must be included with the petition form before it will be reviewed.

Student Statement:

  • A student explanation, signature, and last date of attendance are required for the committee to review the petition.  Complete explanation and documentation will help the committee to understand your situation.
  • To add a class(es), provide a valid reason why registration was not possible before the deadline.
  • To drop a class(es), or to request a refund, provide a valid reason why the class(es) should be dropped or why the class(es) wasn’t dropped before the deadline. Poor grades are not a valid reason to drop a class.
  • If requesting a greater refund than you already received, please indicate what percentage you are asking for.
  • To change a grade option, provide an explanation as to why it was not changed before the deadline. Better or worse than expected grades are not valid reasons to request a grade option change.
  • Supporting Documentation, if applicable, strengthens your request to the committee
  • Medical documentation – letters from doctor, clinic or hospital verifying your situation

  • Police or traffic reports

  • Work schedule verified by employer

  • Documentation of birth or death

  • Documentation of other reason(s) why grade option couldn’t be changed, or add/drop couldn’t be made by the deadline (e.g., hold on registration)

Instructor Statement

  • An instructor statement, signature, and date are required for the committee to consider the petition. You may attach an e-mail statement from the instructor.
  • The instructor’s statement must be written after the student’s explanation.
  • To drop a class never attended and to receive a refund, the instructor must verify the student’s non-attendance statement.

Note to Financial Aid Recipients: Please note that if you wish to make late changes to your schedule that there may be Financial Aid implications. If you drop/withdraw from all of your classes you may owe some or all of the funds you have received. A late addition of classes after the Financial Aid census date (end of second week) doesn’t mean a student’s aid will still be approved. Please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to requesting late changes to your schedule.

Medical Withdraw:  Students who need to drop all courses for the term due to medical reasons can contact the Registrars Office if their medical circumstances makes it impossible to complete the petition form.  If the student is unable to make the request, a representative, such as a family member, may contact the Registrars Office regarding the student's medical withdrawal.