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Top Roping

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What is top-roping?

Top-roping is a style in climbing which utilizes a harness and a rope, as well as a climbing partner to manage the rope. While on a rope, climbers can reach the very top of our wall.

When can I top-rope?

The Climbing Center is open for bouldering during all building hours. Top rope climbing is open during staffed hours.

How can I learn to top rope?

We have many different classes to suit all skill levels. For a complete list and schedule, click here.

How to belay?
  • You may ask a Climbing Instructor to belay you. Check out a harness from the Equipment Checkout Window.
  • In order to become belay certified in our gym, you must pass a belay test administered by a Climbing Instructor during staffed hours. We do not accept belay certifications from other climbing gyms. If you do not know how to belay, we offer belay classes once a week for only $5.00.
  • After you are belay certified you may belay other climbers during staffed hours. You may check out a belay device from a Climbing Instructor.
  • People CAN use their own harness ONLY if said harness is inspected and approved by Climbing Center staff.
  • People are NOT allowed to use their own carabiners and/or belay devices.
  • People are NOT allowed to do any top-roping during times when there are not Climbing Center staff on duty. This includes people who are belay certified.