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Rec Clubs Council

Rec Clubs Council

The Rec Clubs Council (RCC) is composed of five elected student club leaders that serve as the funding body for all of the Rec Clubs, advise on Rec Clubs policies and procedures, and help handle Rec Clubs conduct issues. All Rec Clubs at Portland State University are represented by the Rec Clubs Council.
The purpose of the RCC is to support learning in student based organizations and nurture student leadership opportunities. The RCC will represent and promote the Recreation Clubs as a whole to the greater campus community. The RCC also provides a venue through which students can create new recreation clubs and member clubs may grow their organizations.

RCC Officers:


Peter Kramer (Rec Clubs Coordinator):

How to become an RCC officer:

Elections for on the Rec Clubs council will be conducted during spring term (dates to be decided). If you are interested in becoming an officer, please complete the application on OrgSync, submit a letter of intent, resume, and a short blurb on why you want to be part of the RCC. Applications and questions can be sent to