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5v5 Outdoor Soccer
Description :
Enjoy the summer weather while playing in our Outdoor Summer 5v5 League. These games will be played at Stott Field on Thursday nights on smaller fields with smaller goals than our normal Outdoor leagues.

Thursdays : 7/10-8/7
Time : 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location :  Stott Field
Registration deadline : 7/2 at 12:00 pm
Fee : $25 team / $5 free agent

League Play Information:

  • Participants in league play can expect to have their team scheduled to play 5 to 8 regular season games with a potential opportunity to participate in a postseason playoff bracket.
  • The Intramurals program provides all of the officials, field/court space, and equipment to play for all intramural league sports.
  • Leagues run for 8 weeks of the term. After a mandatory captain’s meeting, each team gets scheduled anywhere from 5 to 8 regular season games. The regular season games occur on week nights anytime between 5pm and 10pm.
  • After the first couple of regular season weeks, we split the leagues into two divisions. This is to try and make sure teams are playing against like-competition. After the regular season, if time and space allow, we try and put every team into a single-elimination playoff bracket leading to crowning a champion for the league.
  • All of our IM Champions get signature IM Champ shirts that they wear for a lifetime. On top of that they also get their team picture put up in the Rec Center for all students to see, recognizing them as the league champions.

League Rules: