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Get Into Your Shape

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Campus Rec, the Women's Resource Center, and the Queer Resource Center have partnered to provide and promote opportunities for those of all levels of comfort, fitness, ability, experience, shapes, and sizes to access the Rec Center and its program and services.


We aim to empower individuals to get into their shapes, embracing their bodies and taking control of their health and fitness through recreation and play.


Mark identifying activities geared for beginnersAll activities that are marked with this symbol on the Campus Rec schedule are geared towards beginners or those new to the activities.



Check out opportunities below. If you don't see what interests you or have questions about how you can participate please contact Jen Armbruster 503-725-2927 or


Weight Room Instructional Videos

Women On Weights - On Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am - 10:00 am there is a community of women who use the weight room. There will be a female personal trainer available to answer any questions you may have. She will lead a mini-lesson on different muscle groups, equipment, and exercises for interested participants. This will help them learn proper exercise form and technique and begin to build a strength training program. No Women on Weights over summer.

Women’s Only Group X - This is a strength-based Group X class designed for women. Doors and windows will be closed/covered during this 45 min time slot. This is a great way to build a community of women in a group exercise setting with a female instructor. Women's Only Group X schedule.


Group X Classes - Beginners should look on the Group X schedule for classes marked with a "B" which are geared towards those just starting out. Every effort is made to make accommodations for all Group X classes.


Weight Room Orientations - These FREE orientations are offered for individuals and small groups to receive a guided tour and instruction on a variety of equipment. Contact Veronique at to schedule an appointment.


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Cardio Equipment:

Krank cycles - These are upper body cardio workout machines with a comfortable seated option as well as an option for wheelchair users to easily access.

Rope climber - This is an upper body cardio machine which offers a comfortable seat or the seat can be removed for wheelchair access.

Recumbent bike - This is a low impact, lower body cardio option with a comfortable seat.

We also offer a variety of other pieces of cardio gear such as treadmills, rowing machines, stair steppers,
spin bikes, elliptical and more.


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Strength Equipment:

Techno Gym accessible line - This includes a variety of upper body strength machines whose seats can be moved out of the way to allow wheelchair users to pull in. Check out some of the videos.

Free motion - This is the next step up for lifters. Many pieces allow for accessibility for wheelchair users but the free motion also allows users to lift more freely in a very safe manner.

Eight-station - Wheelchair users can pull up at many of the stations which allows for a variety of exercises without moving around to multiple areas of the weight room. It is tucked into a fairly quiet corner.

Free weights - This area has a wide variety of weights starting at 5lbs and increasing 2.5lbs at a time
so you can move up slowly in your strength training. A variety of benches are offered that decline, incline or
stay flat as well as an extra wide bench for those needing extra support such as wheelchair users or
persons who might have balance issues.

Uppertone – This unique piece of equipment was designed by a wheelchair user, specifically for exercises in a
wheelchair, and allows users to perform over a dozen exercises on one machine. Please ask Fitness Center Staff for assistance as this machine is not intuitive.


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Swim Lessons/Clinics- Swim lessons are offered for all skill levels in the pool. There is a small fee and it provides an opportunity to learn water and swimming skills in a small group. There are two swim clinics specifically geared towards the novice and fearful swimmer as well.

Priority Swim Lane - Persons requiring the use of a single lane can request the priority lane during non-peak

Swim Lift - This is available for the pool for those needing it.


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Leagues are not gender based so all leagues are open and recreational leagues are also now offered in conjunction with competitive ones.


Sign up as a free agent and meet new people.


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Rec Clubs:

There are specific rec clubs for women such as women's soccer, lacrosse, water polo, rugby, and volleyball. There is also a Feminist Kickball club which is open to men and women.

Many other Rec clubs are offered with no experience needed, just an interest in the activity.


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Outdoor Program / Climbing Center:

Variety of sizes in equipment/apparel - There are a variety of all sizes at the equipment rental center which can be rented or used for an Outdoor Program trip, including rain gear such as pants and jackets.


Climbing Center - Get Into YOUR Shape Climbing on 3/2 :  Join us for an empowerment through climbing session!  Learn the mental and physical strengths that can be gained through climbing and how they help us in other facets of our lives


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Inclusive Rec:  

10 sports wheelchairs can be checked out of Equipment Issue at Member Services for anyone to use on the courts, track, or weight room.


Wheelchair Basketball  - is offered on Saturdays from 10:00 AM -1:0 PM (everyone is welcome to participate and sport chairs are available for use)

Goalball  - Try something new with this unique sport! It is offered on Saturday mornings from 8:00 -10:00 am (everyone is invited and gear will be provided).


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Universal restrooms can be found in both the pool area and just outside the pool area for those
requiring private shower areas. Both UC’s have a large mat or one can be brought in to assist for
changing. Also hazardous material bins are located in both locations as well as changing tables for


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