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Climbing Center Classes

Belay Classes

This class will teach any level climber the basic knots involved in roped climbing, the process of belaying a climber, and how to perform a safety check. Classes are free during the 2015 Summer Term and registration is not required.


June 22 - September 15, 2015

Tuesday - Thursday, 5pm - 7pm

What is Belay?

Belaying is the act of managing the rope while a climber is climbing. Belaying is an essential component of safe climbing practices, and learning how to belay correctly opens many doors for the recreational climber. Participants will learn how to belay their climber, give proper commands as both a climber and a belayer, lower their climber, and get to climb to the top of the wall.  After completing the class and successfully challenging the belay test at least 24 hours later, participants will be able to belay others on the ropes during staffed hours.

  • No experience necessary!
  • Just watch the orientation video and take the quiz at Member Services.

Basic Climbing Technique

Many people are under the impression that climbing is all about upper body strength—this is not true! Anyone can climb, no matter what your strength or ability level might be. Climbing has been compared to yoga, due to its focus on breathing, balance and body tension. If you are interested in learning more about climbing technique, please speak with one of the Climbing Instructors or contact Melecio Estrella at