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What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without ropes. We offer fourteen feet of bouldering along the entire length of our wall and the wall is open for bouldering during all open Rec Center hours.

In order to boulder :

  1. See Member Services to watch the Climbing orientation video or watch it on YouTube.
  2. Pass the climbing quiz, taken at Member Services.
  3. Use your PSU photo ID or government-issued ID to check out a climbing wristband and any other climbing gear from Equipment Checkout.
  4. Return your wristband and gear to Equipment Checkout when you are finished climbing. Equipment rentals are FREE.

    Every time you decide to climb :

    • Please check out a Bouldering wristband, available at the Equipment Checkout Window.
    • Shoes are also available to check out for free.

    To learn more about safe Bouldering, climbing movement technique and Bouldering routes, please stop in during our staffed hours and talk to a Climbing Instructor.