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Presentations and Events Archive

The Retirement Association of Portland State hosts monthly events, where retired faculty and staff can get together to socialize, eat, and be merry. This page has photos from various events throughout the years. Take a minute to browse and smile at the memories!
January 15, 2015
Tom Potiowsky Examines the Oregon Economy

lecture audio, lecture powerpoint


February 19, 2015
Linda Benson lectures on China's Muslim Challenge

lecture audio, lecture powerpoint

photo  1  2 

January 16, 2014 Tom Potiowsky speaking on the Oregon economy:

   Powerpoint      audio recording:

February 20, 2014 Birol A. Yesilada speaking on Turkey:

                         audio recordingpowerpoint slides, Erzurumlu image, Yesilada image 1, Yesilada Image 2

March 20, 2014:

Governor Barbara Roberts speaking on:

"A Woman in Retirement ... Continuing to Serve"
audio recording, Images:
 Governor Roberts Speaking,
Recommending her book, 
Recommending Kathryn Harrison's book,
Recommending Kimberly Jensen's book.


Audio Recording
RAPS History PowerPoint (.PPTX)
Image: Dave Krug award
           with presenter Joel Arick
Image: Dawn White award
            with Awards Chair Brian Lewis
            and presenter Steve Brannan

May 15, 2014 Ice Cream Social
Sandra Freels speaking on the Ukraine
            Audio Recording
            Sandra Freels Image #1
            Sandra Freels Image #2

September 18, 2014
Jay C. Bloom speaking on "Returnment" as an alternate to retirement

lecture audio, lecture powerpoint

photos:  Jay Bloom

Panel speakers:  Marge TerdalSteve Brennan,

                          Rodger Jennings, Group



October 16, 2014
Dr. Christina Nicolaidis speaking on social determinants of health

no archival files available


November 20, 2014
Scott Burns explores earthquakes in Oregon

Lecture audiolecture powerpoint

Photos 1  2  3  4

December 14, 2014 Annual holiday party at the Mac Club

Photo 1  2  3  4  5  6


Summer Picnic 2012 Photos

Holiday Dinner, December 2010

PSU Sustainability Tour, November 2010

    PSU Weekend, October 2010

    Oregon Garden Tour, September 2010

    Hike at Drift Creek Falls June 22, 2010

    Audio for Annual Presidents Luncheon 2010

    Special Tour of Lincoln Hall March 24, 2010

      • 1: Basement

      • 2: Orchestra Pit

      • 3: Broadway Face Lift

      • 4: Main Entry

      • 5: West Exterior

    General Membership Meeting-Thursday 18th March 2010 Chet Orloff talks to RAPS about a Virtual Museum of the City

    General Membership Meeting-Thursday 18th February 2010 Lisa Weasel talks about genetically modified food and her new book Food Fray

    General Membership Meeting-Thursday 21st January 2010 Noelle Studer-Spevak, Shpresa Halimi, and Healther Spalding speak to RAPS about Sustainability & the Miller Grant at PSU.

    General Membership Meeting-Thursday 19th November 2009 Grant Farr speaks to RAPS about Afganastan

    General Membership Meeting-Thursday 15th October 2009 Mark Gregory speaks to RAPS about Campus Planning

    Chinese Garden Tour - September 17th 2009

    Mary S. Young State Park hike - Friday July 24th 2009


    Vic Dahl gives a history of Ft. Vancouver.

    PSU President, Wim Wiewel hosts and addresses RAPS.

    RAPS General Membership Meeting - Thursday 15th January 2009

    • Tom Palm, a born Estonian, gave us the history and culture of Estonia.
      • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

        • Picture 1-4: Tom Palm speaking and addressing audience members.

        • Picture 5: A choir of 25,000 singers.

        • Picture 6: After 50 years of Soviet occupation, the blue, black and white national flag was hoisted again in l989.

        • Picture 7: After the restoration of independence, about 300,000 people, 1 in 4 of all the Estonians in the world, gathered at the 2004 Song Festival.

        • Picture 8: Estonia has been under multiple occupations for centuries. The Medieval forts in the photo are German (foreground) and Russian.

        • Picture 9: Tom Palm was invited to lecture about market economics in the late 80s and early 90s. In the photo, I am Teaching at EMI, the Estonian Management Institute, a former Communist Party School.

        • Picture 10 & 11: The consumer economy under Communism featured empty shelves and long lines.

      • Handout from presentation

      • Audio Recording of Presentation

    PSU's new President Introduces himself to RAPS.

    Michael Munk reviewed his book on Portland's Radical Past.

    Hike in Lacamas Park - Friday 25th April 2008 5 Items

    President's Lunch & RAPS Awards - Thursday 17th April 2008

    Christmas Dinner at MAC - Tuesday 18th December 2007

    General Meeting - 20th March 2003

    General Meeting - 6th February 2003

    RAPS Annual Picnic - 15th August 2002

    Columbia Gorge Hike - 20th June 2002

    Oregon Gardens Tour - 20th Sep 2001

    Oaks Park Tour - 18th May 2000