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Volunteer Committees


Committee Descriptions

Check out the QRC Calendar for dates and times of committee meetings.  To talk more about a committee that interests you email our volunteer coordinator.

Dis/Ability Advocacy

A committee to discuss potential changes to the center to make it more accessible and inclusive, opportunities for program impact, and to take charge of a coffee hour for students and community members. Members of this Committee can also join our Patchworks Committee that plans our annual conference on the intersections of disability and queerness.

Faith Based Initiatives

Our Faith Based Committee is an interfaith coalition of people who plan activities for members and discussions about the intersections of faith and queer identity for the campus community. There are opportunities to partner with the NW Spirituality Center’s queer faith group on Wednesday evenings, learn to train other faith based groups who want to have positive discussions about queer identity, and to attend service and brunch discussions based on the desire and needs of the committee.

Fundraising & Tabling

The Fundraising Committee partners with the Board to enact both small and large fundraising pushed to help us with programming, training scholarships, and outreach. When not working on fundraising this committee helps with our outreach efforts on and off campus.

Global Initiatives

This Committee helps with planning World AIDs day, outreach to international student organizations, and do research on potential study abroad programs for queer students or queering existing options. Other items are designed and discussed by the committee throughout the year.

Graduate Student Involvement

The Grad student Committee acts as a support and skill sharing committee shaped by and for graduate students. It  can include planning a brown bag series specific to queer grad student needs, student and faculty joint events, speakers, study sessions, etc.  The QRC also tries to partner with departments to provide targeted needs to their graduate students and the Grad Committee takes lead on that along with the Volunteer Coordinator.


The Newsletter Crew helps maintain the blog and the bi-monthly newsletter for the QRC by assigning, writing, copy editing, and disseminating information about our events, staff, volunteers, etc. This Committee works closely with the Marketing and Publications Coordinator and the Volunteer Coordinator.

Parenting and Child Access

The PCA makes recommendations to the staff about programming that meets the specific needs of parenting students in the QRC. This committee also helps organize childcare options for our events and advise our events committees.

Queer Students of Color

The QSOC committee plans activities to encourage the full and equal participation of queer students of color at the QRC. They plan the QSOC coffee/brown bag series, including potential speakers, workshops, and in services.  This committee also advises the other committees and conference planning committees on inclusivity issues as needed.

Returning Students

This Committee acts as a support and mentorship group for students returning to school and trying to navigate the PSU system(s) as a queer student. It plans networking and social events and occasionally partners with other committees to ensure inclusivity.

Trans Advocacy

The Trans Advocacy Committee works closely with the Trans and Accessibility Coordinator to plan events and community support specifically around Trans issues. In the past this group has helped with events and speakers for Trans Month in November and helped with TDoR and trans coffee hour during Coming Out Week.