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Trans Resources

QRC Trans Resources

The QRC's Trans Resources Coordinator serves as the lead organizer for Trans Empowerment, Resistance, and Resilience (TEMPRR) Days, co-facilitates SAGE – the President’s Commission on Sexuality and Gender Equity, serves as the point person for resources and services for students who identify as trans, and works to educate campus community members about transgender people, their unique needs and their contributions.  Additionally, the Trans Resources Coordinator meets with students by appointment to discuss navigating gender identity struggles and the university system. Appointments can be made by e-mailing (Our Trans Resources Coordinator also coordinates Interpersonal Violence Resources.) Our entire staff is trained on trans issues and can all act as a general resource for our trans students. The Trans Resources Coordinator is our in-house go to person for all trans related questions and help.

The QRC space is also welcoming and open to students who are looking for more information on how to support or learn more about trans, transgender, and gender variant people in their lives. The staff is always happy to speak with folks about their questions. Please drop by the space, call or email, or make an appointment!

The Center for Student Health and Counseling's Trans Health Advocate is Nick Walden Poublon. Nick can provide information about trans specific resources with SHAC and AETNA Student Health (see more health-specific info below).

Advanced Preferred Name Option (for Trans Students)

The QRC is excited to offer this advanced preferred name option for trans students. By meeting with a QRC staff person to complete a simple form, you can update your preferred name on student ID, in class rosters, and in other campus data systems. 

*Please note that PSU is required to retain your legal name for official academic record in the student information system. 

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 503-725-9742, or email the Trans Resources Coordinator.  

Campus Resources

In addition to our Campus Partners, the Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) Center on campus is now providing Transgender specific information for students:

As mentioned above, SHAC also has a Trans Health Advocate. That advocate is available by appointment at SHAC to answer questions regarding access for trans students.

With questions or to make an appointment to discuss student healthcare, contact Student Health Advisor and Transgender Health Advocate: Nick Walden Poublon at 503-725-2800 or

Info on the Campus Rec Trans-Affirming Fitness Group

General Resources

For trans resources outside the PSU community or for non-students, please refer to the Community Trans Resources page.
See our Queer Resources in & Around Portland page for Organizations that serve many facets of the LGBTQ community here in Portland.