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QRC Co-sponsored Events

The Queer Resource Center staff will consider requests for consponsorship during weekly staff meetings. During the meeting, staff will consider how closely the request mirrors the values of the QRC, listed below.

Academic Success: To provide students along the sexuality and gender spectrum with the support they need to persist to graduation.

Retention: To support students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of accessing full institutional benefits

Access: To identify and address gaps in campus services for students, staff and faculty along the sexuality and gender spectrum

Social Justice: To increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills within campus services and campus representatives such that the needs of students, staff and faculty along sexuality and gender spectra are a campus-wide priority

Diversity: To represent and reflect the multiple and intersecting identities of LGBTQQIAAP communities in QRC staff, programs, and volunteers

Conscious Coalition: To build conscious coalitions among sexuality and gender related organizations within Portland State University and the surrounding community to strengthen support structure across communities and identities