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Military Resources

You have served us. Allow us to serve you. With the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, military personnel may desire guidance navigating the post-DADT world or might want opportunities meeting other Queer veterans. The Queer Resource Center at Portland State University is committed to to providing support and resource referrals to veterans.

General Resources

See our Queer Resources in & Around Portland page at for Organizations that serve many facets of the GLBTQ community here in Portland.

Campus Resources

Please see our campus partners page at for other non-veterans focused departments that have taken the Queer Ally Training offered through the Queer Ally Program at Portland State University (located at )

Student Veterans Association:

The organization's mission is to bring past and current members of the Armed Forces together to promote, unify and advocate for the veteran voice on- and off-campus.

Veterans Services
For assistance with everything - from orientation to helping veterans stay in school to graduation. Veterans Services an be contacted via phone at 503-725-3876 or via email to

Women Veterans Outreach Action Team

The Action Team works to create ties with Veterans' Student Services and recruit members. It determines goals to address during the year with the WRC Director and hold events as well as create programming materials that outreach to women veterans.

Military Resources:

Military One Source

Offers counseling to Veterans for any reason. Consultation with a Military One Source Representative leads to 12 appointments with a privately contracted counselor.1-800-342-9647

Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Assistance programs, offers vocational training, issues GI Bill payments, and ensures allocation of other military benefits.

Articles: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Military

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Resources for Trans Service Members

According to AR 601-210, transgender and transsexual individuals are not permitted to enlist in the US military. The repeal of DADT does not change this rule for medical reasons.

People whose birth certificate includes male designation at the age of 18 have a legal obligation to register for the slective service. Free Application for Federal Student Aid requires verification of selective service status.

People whose birth certificate includes a female designation at the age of 18 do no have to register for the selective service.

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