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Here is a listing of Positions at the QRC - if you'd like to contact us, refer to the descriptions provided to direct your inquiry appropriately and feel free to email us!

DeskCORE Positions / QRC Front Desk:  (503) 725-9742

(Interim) QRC Coordinator: (503) 725-5681

The Coordinator of Queer Student Services, Outreach and Education facilitates student success and
retention by providing professional faculty support services and outreach to students at Portland State
who are Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Questioning and/or Intersex), and
helps promote a campus climate that includes queer community members fully in the intellectual and
social life of PSU. The coordinator oversees training programs, administrative processes, supervision of
staff, and the management of a safe, inclusive space for students who identify as Queer and their allies.


Queeries & Education Coordinator: (503) 725-9907

The Queeries and Education Coordinator supervises education and pedagogy focused student
programs. Serves as the lead organizer for the Queer Health Week and coordinates the Queeries and the student focused Queer Ally Program.

Design & Marketing Coordinator: (503) 725-9907

Coordinate all printed and promotional publicity materials for all staff positions and QRC events, working with a Graphic Designer contractor as necessary. Maintains and updates the QRC website, QRC email and calendar accounts, and all social media and marketing. Serve as a referral source to Portland and Portland State resources via email.


Coordinates Welcome Week, Coming Out Week, Pride, and weekly general interest meetings with the assistance of the deskCORE Outreach. Maintains and improves the Queer Resource Center volunteer program, curriculum and materials, Organize volunteer appreciation and recognition events, and trains all QRC volunteers, interns. Facilitates volunteer program and further develop the internship program, including; recruiting, hiring, motivating, educating and rewarding student volunteers at least once per term and at least 3 times per year. Works with the Queeries and Education Coordinator to train Queeries speakers as needed.

Transgender & IPV Coordinator: (503) 725-9907

Serves as the lead organizer for Trans Day
of Remembrance, co-facilitates SAGE – the President’s Commission on Sexuality and Gender Equity. Serves on the Interpersonal Violence Task Force. Also serves as the lead organizer resources and services for students who identify as transgender, and works to educate campus community members about transgender people, their unique needs and their contributions. Partners with community resources, such as Portland Women’s Crisis Line and the Women’s Resource Center Interpersonal Violence program to carry out consistent services and messaging across campus.




Queer Student of Color Retention and Resources Coordinator (503) 725 9743

Provides personal and academic support to queer communities of color at PSU, their families, and allies, through formal and informal social and academic events, academic advising meetings, or limited intern level counseling sessions by appointment. Outreaches to the Portland State University communities of color and queer communities, in order to better reflect the needs of the entire campus community and the communities in which Queer Students of Color live, work, and learn. Serves as the lead organizer for the Queer students of Color Conference, World AIDS Day, Black, Latino, API, and Native American Heritage Months. Works collaboratively with deskCORE, including supervising deskCORE specifically tasked with helping implement QSoC Programming. Develops, advertises, and convenes QTPOC student meetings along with the QSoC Team that are responsive to the needs of QTPoC students at PSU and community partners; some of these meetings may include events that are gender, race, orientation, or academic level (undergrad, grad, admin, provider) specific in order to better support groups within the larger QSoC umbrella. Supervise interns in the QRC Internship Program, Participate in the QRC Coaches program, Work with the QRC Coordinator to address and record bias incidents on campus.