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Kerth O'Brien, PhD, Associate Professor, Social Psychology


    Department of Psychology
    317 Cramer Hall
    Portland State University
    P.O. Box 751
    Portland, Oregon 97207-0751 (USA)
    Telephone (503) 725-3973
    E-mail is usually the best way to reach me:

In Fall, 2015, Prof. O'Brien will be teaching two courses:

Psy 342 / Soc 342 - Social Psychology: Self, Attitudes, and Social Influence

(click here for more information): Fall-2015-class-description_342_a.pdf 

Psy 471 / Psy 571 - Health Psychology

(click here for more information): Fall-2015-class-description_471_a.pdf


    • Classes taught, various years:

      Psychology 514/614: Advanced Applied Social Psychology

      Psychology 518/618: Ethics and Professional Issues in Applied Research and Practice

      Psychology 554/654: Social Psychology and Mental Health

      Psychology 589/689: Adult Socialization--Adult Roles and Identities

      Psychology 497/597: Applied Survey Research Methods

      Psychology 471/571: Health Psychology

      Psychology 410: Introduction to Focus Groups for Psychological Research

      Psychology 310: Psychology of Women

      Psychology 342/Sociology 342: Social Psychology - Self, Attitudes, Social Influence

      Psychology 343/Sociology 343: Social Psychology - Social Relationships and Groups