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Kerth O'Brien, PhD, Associate Professor, Social Psychology

    Department of Psychology
    317 Cramer Hall
    Portland State University
    P.O. Box 751
    Portland, Oregon 97207-0751 (USA)
    Telephone (503) 725-3973
    E-mail is usually the best way to reach me:

    In Spring, 2014, Kerth will teach:

    Psy 343 / Soc 343 - Social Psychology: Social Relationships and Groups

    CRN 63190 (Psy 343) or CRN 63300 (Soc 343)
    Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:30 pm

    Course Description: Examination of sociological and psychological processes associated with interpersonal, group, and inter-group behavior. Particular emphases on aggression, pro-social behavior, interpersonal attraction, group influence, conflict and cooperation. Expected preparation: Soc 200, or Psy 200 or 204. Credit will not be given for both Soc 343 and Psy 343. 

    Readings for this course include one text, the current version of Social Psychology by David Myers. The current version of this book is the 11th edition, which I’ve ordered through the Portland State University Bookstore. Some copies for sale include an online "access code" which I don't use in this course.

    If you want to read before class starts, you might start with chapters 1, 8, 5, 10 in that sequence. There are more chapters for the course but this is my recommendation for chapters to read if you want to read before our course starts.

    Students sometimes ask whether it matters to buy the current edition. When I'm asked this, I don’t say “buy the prior edition” because I can't say it makes no difference to students. Myers is a thoughtful author and he does revise his texts. For your convenience, I've put both the 11th and 10th editions on reserve in the Portland State University Library; I recommend comparing the library versions in order to decide.

    Regular use of the online, intranet tool Desire2Learn (D2L) is one of our course requirements. You'll be checking D2L at least once before each class meeting (except for the first class meeting). You'll find it helpful to make sure you have D2L access (link here) before classes starts.

    The syllabus will be available on D2L after our first class meeting. The first reading assignment will be to read the syllabus cover-to-cover before the second class meeting. See you in Spring term!



    • Classes taught, various years:

      Psychology 514/614: Advanced Applied Social Psychology

      Psychology 518/618: Ethics and Professional Issues in Applied Research and Practice

      Psychology 554/654: Social Psychology and Mental Health

      Psychology 589/689: Adult Socialization--Adult Roles and Identities

      Psychology 497/597: Survey Research Methods

      Psychology 471/571: Health Psychology

      Psychology 410: Introduction to Focus Groups for Psychological Research

      Psychology 310: Psychology of Women

      Psychology 342/Sociology 342: Social Psychology - Self, Attitudes, Social Influence

      Psychology 343/Sociology 343: Social Psychology - Social Relationships and Groups