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Faculty of the Department of Psychology

Faculty Publications and Presentations

All offices are located in Cramer Hall 317


Todd E. Bodner, Ph.D. Quantitative Psychology (503) 725-3902
Sherwin Davidson, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychology (503) 725-4854
Charlotte Fritz, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3903
Leslie B. Hammer, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3971
Keith James, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3923
Kimberly Kahn, Ph.D. Applied Social and Community Psychology (503) 725-3972
Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D. Applied Social and Community Psychology (503) 725-3984
Thomas Kindermann, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3970
Eric Mankowski, Ph.D.,
Associate Chair
Applied Social & Community Psychology (503) 725-3901
Andrew Mashburn, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3995
Cynthia Mohr, Ph.D. Applied Social and Community Psychology (503) 725-3981
Kerth O'Brien, Ph.D. Applied Social Psychology (503) 725-3973
Robert W. Roeser, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3985

Ellen Skinner, Ph.D.


Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3966
Joel Steele, Ph.D. Quantitative & Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3946
Greg Townley, Ph.D. Applied Social and Community Psychology (503) 725-3910
Donald M. Truxillo, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3969
Liu-Qin Yang, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3960

Academic Adviser

Scott Broussard, M.S.
   (503) 725-3965

Emeritus Faculty

Barry F. Anderson, Ph.D. Decision Psychology, Conflict Resolution (503) 725-3964
Hugo M. duCoudray, Ph.D. Community Psychology    
Gerald D. Guthrie, Ph.D. Sports Psychology, Child Psychology    
Janice K. Haaken, Ph.D. Applied Social and Community Psychology (503) 657-1601
Roger D. Jennings, Ph.D. Comparative Psychology, Human Ethology    
Robert E. Jones, Ph.D. Psychotherapy, Behavior Theory    
Dalton Miller-Jones, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-5250
James A. Paulson, Ph.D. Quantitative Methods    
Cathleen L. Smith, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology
Cord B. Sengstake, Ph.D. Physiological Psychology, Experimental Psychology    
Frank Wesley, Ph.D. Child Development, Learning, History of Psychology    
David F. Wrench, Ph.D. Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior    

Affiliated Faculty

Talya Bauer, Ph.D. School of Business Administration (503) 725-5050
Carol Morgaine, Ph.D. Child and Family Studies (503) 725-8529

Faculty Approved Adjunct Appointment

Ryan Olson, Ph.D. Oregon Health & Science University