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Social Sustainability Colloquium
Friday, October 10, 2014 - 2:00pm

Fridays, 2-4 p.m.
ASRC (Rec Center Building), Room 650 (New Room)
1800 SW 6th Avenue
Free and open to the public

Friday - Jan 30, 2-4pm

Co-Creating Abundance in West Africa

This session discusses new ways to address root causes for suffering in West Africa as defined by West African peoples. We will explore new strategies and processes to reinforce local efforts, achieve more efficient and effective "development" projects, and how to move from "international aid" to "international engagement and empowerment". We will explore sustainable economics, strategic partnerships, hybrid/cross-sector models, and how hybrid organizations/partnerships offer new potential.


With Deidre Schuetz, the Co-Founder and Co-Director for Lanyi Fan, a nonprofit, international non-government organization in West Africa


More info coming

Winter 2015 Schedule

Feb 6 Ryan Bender, The 2015 Sustainability Conference in Copenhagen

including her presentation: Community-based Participatory Research Framework to Identify Social and Cultural Sustainability via Community Gardening: Wellness Promotion and Healthy Food Access in Rural Portland, Oregon

Feb 13 Genetic Engineering and Agriculture: A Report from Oregon’s State Task Force with Jennifer Allen

More to come!