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Using the Quizzes

D2L Student Help- Quizzes

Desire2Learn allows students to take quizzes and view their own quiz results online.

Starting a Quiz

To begin taking a quiz, first log into D2L and open your course. Then, from the Course Home page:

  1. Click on the Quizzes link in the Student Course Tools widget.

  2. Click on the title of a quiz to open it.

  3. A description of the quiz will appear and give you basic information about how it is structured. You will usually have a limited amount of time to complete a quiz which will be shown on this page next to Time Allowed. The instructor may also allow you more than one attempt at a quiz. To start the quiz, first click Start Quiz! A dialog box will then appear and ask you to confirm that you're ready. Click OK to begin taking the quiz.

Taking a Quiz

  1. After you begin a quiz, D2L will give you the quiz questions and your choices of answers. For each question, simply select your answer from the offered choices (or in some cases, type it in), then click the Save button below each one.
  2. A single quiz may have multiple pages worth of questions in it. Be sure to verify that all of your responses to questions are saved before proceeding to the next page of the quiz. To check that your responses are saved, look to the left of the quiz page in the Quiz Info section.

  3. For saved responses, the disk icon in this section will be colored in (such as questions 1 and 2 in the screenshot above). Unsaved responses will have a gray disk icon. To save all of your responses on a particular page, click the Save All Responses button at the very bottom of the page. Once you have verified that your responses are saved, proceed to the next page by clicking on the blue arrow in the bottom right of the page.

  4. Continue in this manner until you have answered all the questions in the quiz. Make sure once again that you have saved all your responses by looking at the Quiz Info section as explained above. Next, verify that the answers to the question are the answers you intended to select. You can move backwards and forwards through the quiz pages by using the blue arrows at the bottom of each page. When you are confident that the quiz is completed to your satisfaction and that all of your responses are saved, click on the Go To Submit Quiz button at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click on the Submit Quiz button to complete the quiz and submit it to your instructor. You will not be able to change your responses after you do this.

Viewing Quiz Results

When your quiz is graded, you can view your score by selecting the Quiz from the Quizzes page and then click on the 'Submissions' section near the top of the page. Any and all attempts that you have made for this quiz will be shown on this page along with their results.

The instructor chooses how multiple submissions affect your overall grade.