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Using the Content Area

The Course Content area of D2L is where you can typically find all the material the instructor has posted online. In this area, you will likely be able to access course documents, such as lecture notes and the course syllabus, as well as links to things like discussion areas, assignment dropboxes and quizzes.

Step 1: To access the Course Content area, click on the Course Content link in the navigation bar near the top of your course homepage.

Once you are at the Content section, you will find a listing of all the materials available for the course.

The Content Map

Located on the left side of the screen is the Content Map – this provides an easy way to browse through the available files.

Underneath the Content Map title you will find two options: Collapse All and Expand All.

  • “Collapse All” will hide the contents of the file tree,
  • and “Expand All” will show all the contents of the file tree.
  • You can use the "+" or "-" buttons next to any the menu listings to expand or collapse specific sub-sections.

Step 2: To view the content, simply click the hyperlink in the file tree.

Once you click it, Desire2Learn will do one of two things:

  • Display the document to the right of the Content Map,
  • or Download the document to your computer.

If the content downloads to your computer, the web browser you are using will prompt you to either save the file or cancel the download and the screen to the right of the Content Map will be blank.

Step 3: To return to the Table of Contents, simply click the “Back to the Table of Contents” link.

Using the Search Box

You can also search for specific content by using the search box.

  • Simply type in a keyword and click “Search”.
  • To clear your results, and to return to the full listing of content, click the “Clear Search” link.

Enojy exploring your course content!