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Using the Calendar Tool

The Calendar Tool displays Course Events and Due Dates for each course a student or faculty is a member of. It has several components.

The Calendar Sidebar

The left of the Calendar Tool displays The Calendar Sidebar :

  1. The Calendar View highlights the current day.
  2. The Current Calendar is the course within which you are accessing the Calendar Tool.
  3. a List of All Calenders displays events for each course of which the user is a member.

The Calendar Display

The Calendar Tool has five display options, which are reflected in the main body of the Calendar Tool as well as the Calendar View.

Day, Week or Month views display all events during the specified time period.

  • The Calendar View will display a purple area which corrosponds to the current view in main calendar to the right of the sidebar: day, week or month.

List or Agenda views display events in a planning list format, rather then on the calendar.

  • List view allows you to switch between Past, Upcoming and All Events.
  • The Agenda view displays events for the next 7 and 14 days as well as Today and Tomorrow.
    • In Agenda view you can also group events by Date, Course and Type.

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