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Using Surveys

Using Surveys

Surveys are very similar to Quizzes but they are used to solicit student feedback rather than as assessments for grading purposes. Surveys and Quizzes both have access to the Question Library and can use the same questions, with a few exceptions. For example, a Survey can use Likert Questions (which use ratings scales) while a Quiz cannot.

Step 1: On the Course Home Page, find the Instructor Course Tools Widget. From the "Teach" drop-down menu select "Surveys".

Step 2: To create a new Survey, click "New".

Step 3: Name the Survey. Review the Feedback and Anonymous options. Save the Survey.

Step 4: Click on the Layout/ Questions tab. Click "Add/Edit Questions" to add questions to the Survey.

Step 5: Add or Import Questions to the Survey until it is complete. For instructions on adding questions, see the Creating a Quiz tutorial.

Step 6: Once the Survey is completed, you can add it to the Course Content.