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Uploading Files

Uploading Files

There are many tools within your D2L course that offer the option of uploading and attaching a document for student viewing. You may attach files to discussion postings, dropbox folders, and news items, among other things. But in the case of each tool, the process is basically the same.

  1. Begin by locating the Attachments section of the editing page for the tool with which you are working.

  2. Click on the Add a File button. A new window appears on top of the current screen:

  3. From this window, you can attach a file that already exists in your D2L course - a file you have already uploaded to the Course Offering Files area, something that exists in the Shared Files area, or a file that you have saved to a locker. To choose one of these files, click on the link in the menu to the left and select that file.

  4. If the file you want to attach does not yet exist in D2L, you will need to first upload it to the course. To do this, click the Choose File button shown in the screenshot above.

  5. This will open a window that will allow you to browse for the file on your own computer. Choose the file and the title will appear next to the button:

  6. To add additional files, click the Add button and follow the steps above.

  7. Once you have uploaded all of the files you would like to attach, click the Upload in the lower right corner of the window.

  8. You should now see a list of the files you have attached in the Attachments section of the tool in which you are working.