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Student View | Impersonating a Student

To view your course from a student view, you need to "impersonate a student."

Step 1: Click "Classlist" in the right side of the yellow navigation bar.

Step 2:  A Test Student is enrolled in each online class at PSU so faculty can always look at their courses from a student perspective.

  • If you wish to view D2L from the role of a student, search for "Test Student."
  • If you wish to view D2L from a specific student enrolled in your class, find or search for that student.

Step 3: Click "Impersonate" in the actions to the right of the student's name.

Step 4: A Dialog box will open asking you to confirm impersonating a participant. Click "OK."

Step 5: A gray bar will appear on top of the D2L Upper Navigation Bar clearly displaying the student's name whom you are impersonating. Next to the Logout button in the green bar below you will also see "Logged in as test-student".

Step 6: To end your impersonation of the student click "Restore" in the gray bar. This will restore your session to your original view.

Important: DO NOT CLICK Logout. Doing so will log you out of your own D2L account.