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Student D2L Help

Here you will find informational tutorials and printable PDFs on each of the topics below. We are periodically updating our content, please check back for updates. If you need help on a topic that isn't listed, or you can't resolve your D2L problems with any of these tutorials please contact the User Support Services Helpdesk: 503.725.4357 or submit an E-Learning Support Request.

D2L Student Help Materials are viewable two ways - by selecting either:

  1. The most relevant topic link.
  2. For a printable PDF of any tutorial, click the file link, and in your browser File menu, select Print.
    1. (Mac Firefox users- In the print options, Select "Print Selection only.")
    2. Select PDF as your printer option. You can then print that PDF file for a hard copy or save it on your computer for offiline use.

Note: We have had some reports of videos not loading correctly in Firefox. However this behavior is not consistent across all Firefox browsers or platforms. If you are experiencing problems playing the videos in Firefox, please try using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.




Browser Check Recommended browsers for D2L are: Windows Users: Internet Explorer, FireFox; Mac Users: FireFox, Safari.  
D2L Home and Logging In My Home is the main entry page for D2L. It is the first page you see after signing in to D2L. Like the Course Home page, this page contains a News section. However, this News section is controlled by the D2L Support Staff and is used for system announcements.
Course Home Page Course Home is the entry page for your specific course. It is the first page that you see when you enter the course. This page contains the News tool and a Student Course Tools list.


Content The Content Tool is where course materials can be found. Content material can range from basic text to multimedia files.

Discussions The Discussions tool can be used for online discussions between you and other students and/or your instructor.

Dropbox The Dropbox tool is an electronic storage space for documents you will be submitting to your instructor. Submissions are date and time stamped.
Quizzes The Quizzes tool allows you to create a variety of assessments for your students. While labeled 'Quizzes', this tool can be used for exams, surveys, and/or homework assignments.
Grades The Grades tool allows you to view your grade for the course.
Groups Groups can be created to orgainize students for small-group activities or discussions.  
D2L Mail D2L creates D2L email accounts for all users. This account is different from a email account because it is only for communication within D2L. Instructors of large classes may be interested in using their D2L email account so that the large volume of mail generated by a large class does not swamp their account. Other instructors may ask you not to use D2L Mail at all and contact them via their account.
Calendar / Schedule You have access to an on-line calendar through the Schedule tool. Available on the My Home and My Course pages, the Schedule tool allows you to set reminders of important dates and activities.

Checklist The Checklist tool allows your instructor to spell out the steps of a specific process. You can then 'check off' each step of the process as it is completed.