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Setting up your Gradebook

Setting up your Gradebook

Step 1: Click "Grades" in the yellow navigation bar at the top of the page.

Step 2: In the Grades Area on the left click "Grades Settings".

Step 3: Click "Calculation Options" to select the grading system. We recommend that you use the Points System.

Note: The D2L Weighted System will only work correctly if your grading system equals a total of 100 percent (for the entire grade list and also within each category the weights must equal a total of 100 percent). For example, if the total percentage of all your grade items is not equal to 100%, you will see a warning message (in red) at the top of the grade list (under the Manage Grades View) and your total scores will not be calculated correctly (D2L will calculate based on the assumption that everything sums to 100%). This is why the Points System is simpler: as you do not need to have your total points be equal to any number, and it is easier to add or remove grade items without needing to reevaluate whether everything still adds up to 100%.

Setting up Categories for each assessment type

Step 1: Click "Grades" in the yellow navigation bar to access your Grade book.

Step 2: In the Grades Area on the left click "Manage Grades".

Step 3: Categories are used to group together the different types of assessment that you use. You will want to create a new Category for each one. Categories can include Quizzes, Discussions, Essays, Exams, and more.

Step 4: Click "New Category" to create your first type of assessment and name the category (for example, "Weekly Discussions"). Click "Save and New". This will save your new category and allow you to continue to create new categories.

Step 5: Categories can also be used to drop the lowest (or highest) grade values within that category. This will only work if all the Grade Items in this category have exactly the same value.

  • Select "Distribute points across all items".
  • Enter the value that each Grade Item within this category is worth (all Grade Items in this category must be worth the same amount).
  • Enter how many lowest (or highest) non-bonus items to drop within this category for each student.

Step 6: Continue to create your assessment categories by entering a name and clicking "Save and New" until each method of assessment for your class has been created.

Step 7: Click "Grades List" to verify that each method of assessment has been created.