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Setting Due Dates with the Calendar

If you have already assembled your Content and would like to set beginning or ending dates for any or all of it, the Calendar's interface lets you with the "Set Due Dates" button. This is particularly useful if you have taught the same course during a previous term and need to set new due dates for an upcoming term.

Step 1: On the Course Home Page access the Calendar Widget.

Step 2: In the Calendar Display Title, click the Set Due Dates button.

Step 3: A window will open. Browse through your content to select the Module or Topic you want to add availability or date restrictions for.

Step 4: Select the toggle button to the left the item you want to set a due date for. Then click Add. To select an item contained within a module, click the right-facing arrow on the side of its parent module.

Step 5: The "Set Due Dates Options" will open for the item you have selected .Select the date and time for the item to be due. You can also enter a description. Then click Save.

Step 6: Continue to Set Due Dates for other Content items, making sure to Save and check that the Calendar reflects your changes.

Step 7: Your due dates will now appear on the course home page to notify students as upcoming course events & bolded dates on the Calendar Widget.

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