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Linking (Quicklinks)

Linking Existing Content (Quicklinks)

To link to Web content, Course Content or Files, you need to insert a Quicklink. The Quicklink icon will allow you to create links to items that have already been created within D2L like discussions, dropboxes and quizzes, and to urls.

Note: If you would like to embed a web video, follow the embedding a video instructions instead.

To link to an item inside existing content:

Step 1: Edit the Item where you would link the link to appear by clicking on the Pencil Icon.

Step 2:  Click on the Quicklink Icon.

Step 3: The Quicklink pop-up window that appears will guide you through selecting the object to which you want to link.

To insert a link to an item to place in Course Content:

Step 1: Click Course Content in the yellow navigation bar.

Step 2: Click "New Topic".

Step 3: Select "Quicklink" as the content source.

Step 4: Select the Module where the link should appear, title the link, and click the Quicklink icon to the right of the URL field.