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Grading and Feedback in the Dropbox

Step 1: On the Course Home Page, find the Faculty Course Tools Widget. Under the "Tools" drop-down menu, click “Dropbox”.

Step 2: If assignments have been submitted you’ll notice a table with general information about each assignment. To give feedback and/or review the submission, click the link to the item.

Step 3: The submission will appear under each student’s name. If you click the submission link, the actual document will open on your screen.

Step 4: Review the document

  • Step 4-B: If you choose to add feedback in the actual document (e.g., track changes/insert comment), you’ll need to save the document on your computer with a new filename.

Step 5: Back in D2L, Click "Leave Feedback." Enter the point value and any other comments you wish to leave the student.

  • Step 5-B: If you saved a copy of the file to make comments in Step 4-B, click “Add a File” and upload the copy of the document you edited or on which you left feedback (via track changes or insert comment.)

Step 6: Click “Save” and the student should now be able to download and review his/her assignment with your comments.