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Embedding or Linking to a Video

Embedding a Video in Content

Step 1: Find the Content (a file, discussion, etc.)  you would like to embed the video within and click the Pencil icon to edit it.

Step 2: Click the "Insert Stuff" icon on the right side of the HTML Editor.

Step 3: A window will pop up. Click on "Enter Embed Code" then paste the embed code for the video into the box before clicking Next.

Step 4: After previewing the content, Click "Insert".

Step 5: Save your changes.

Linking to a Video Itself

Step 1: In the HTML Editor click "Insert a Quicklink".

Step 2: Select "Url" from the Category drop down menu.

Step 3: Paste the Url into the Link Details.

Step 4: Enter a Caption for the Link. Select "New Window" if you would like the link to open in a new window.

Step 5: Click Insert and Save your Changes.

Copying the Embed Code for a YouTube Video

Step 1: Find a video you would like to embed on YouTube.

Step 2: Underneath the video controls, click the "Share" button.

Step 3: Select Embed from the sharing options.

Step 4: The code for embedding the video will appear, along with options for the size you would like the video to appear.

Copy the embed code.  Use this code for linking or embedding.