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Emailing a Course Google Group

Emailing a Course Google Group

Every term, every course in banner has a google group created for it that contains all students registered for the course. As an instructor, you can use this group to effectively email your class using google mail.

Step 1: Log into your pdx google mail by visiting ""

Step 2: Click the compose button to compose a new email.

Step 3: Click on the "To:" field and begin to type the course name of one of your courses. The format follows treditional naming schemes used by banner and D2L, ie: BI-202-002, HST-101-001, CI-407-003, ect 

Step 4: As you begin to type in your course name, a dropdown menu will appear and start listing courses that pertain to what you have typed. Once you see your course on this list, select it with your mouse and it should fill the group into your receipient list.

Step 5: Add a title and compose your message, this will be sent to your entire classlist!