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Editing Widgets

Step 1: Click "Course Home" in the yellow navigation bar.

Step 2: Look at each of the widgets (boxes of links and content) on the Course Home page.

Widgets that display the pencil icon in their upper left corner CAN be edited.

Some Widgets are in all PSU courses. These System-Wide Widgets CANNOT be edited and do not display the pencil icon.

Step 3: To edit a Widget, click on the Pencil icon.This will open the Edit Widget tool, and the Widget Content tab.

Step 4: Use the HTML Editor to edit the Widget's content. You can add, remove, or replace content in the Widget.

Step 6: Save your changes.

Step 7: Return to the Course Home Page or click the "Preview Widget button" to see your changes.

To learn more about using the HTML Editor, see the "Using the HTML Editor" tutorial.