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Displaying Content in the Calendar

The Course Events and Calendar Widgets on the Course Home Page work together as tools to communicate due dates and deadlines for course activities to students. Continue to use the Course News Widget to post reminders or changes about your course that are not related to specific dates.

Step 1: In Course Content, edit a topic by clicking the Pencil iconto the right of the topic, or create a new topic.

Step 2: While editing the topic click the Restrictions tab.

Step 3: To Display the topic in the calendar, it must have either a start or end date. Under Date Availability select the beginning or ending of the topic.

Step 4: Select the "Display in Calendar" checkbox and save your changes. The topic should now show the clock icon in the Content view.

Step 5: Return to the Course Home Page. Any event with a start or end date and the "Display in Calendar" checkbox selected should now be in the Calendar.

  • The Course Events Widget will display events that occur Today or are Upcoming.
  • The Calendar Widget will display any dates on which events occur in a bolded font.

Step 6: Clicking on the Course Event or date in the Calendar will open the Calendar Tool.

Note: Course Events displayed in the Calendar and linked to a specific course item from the Course Content allow students to access that content from the Calendar itself.

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