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D2L Course Homepage

Welcome to your online course!

Step 1: Choose your course by clicking on the name of your course on the D2L homepage.

The Course Home Page has several areas which will be in every D2L Course, but each course is somewhat unique so some Course Home Page Components will differ, or be in a different place. Expect to do a little exploring on your first day of Logging in.

The D2L Navigation Bar

At the top of your browser window is the D2L Navigation Bar:

  • The D2L Home link allows you to return to the D2L Home Page from any location, where you can enter any of your D2L Courses.
  • *The D2L Mail link is where you will communicate with your instructor inside D2L Mail Tool.
  • Clicking D2L Help link will open Portland State's Student Help webpage for D2L.
  • The right side of the D2L Navigation Bar will display your ODIN ID.

Important! Make sure to Click the Logout Button at the top right of the page when you are ready to end your D2L session.

The Course Navigation Bar

Underneath the D2L Navigation Bar and the PSU Banner is the Course Navigation Bar, which lets you access several important tools for your course.

  • Clicking the Course Home Page Link will return you to the Course Home Page from other areas of your course.
  • Course Content opens the Content area of the Course. The Activities and Content Widget and the Course Content Area are both ways to view the content and any modules for your course.
  • The Grades area allows you to view any grades your instructor has entered into D2L.
  • The Discussions and Dropbox areas allows you to view any Discussion Forums or Dropbox Folders your instructor has created for your course.
  • Elluminate allows you to enter the chat area for your Course.

On the right side of the Navigation bar are two buttons.

  • The Classlist allows you see other students, TA's or Instructors that are members of your course.
  • The Schedule Tool displays your calendar for the course.

Course Widgets Area

The left column of the Course Widgets has three Widgets:

  • The Course Events Widget displays upcoming deadlines and assignments as they become available to you.
  • The Student Help Widget connects you to support resources and tutorials for D2L at Portland State.
  • The Disability Resource Center Widget has information and support for students with Disabilities.

The Middle column has two widgets:

  • The Activities and Content Widget is another way to access the Content for your course. You can access the same content by clicking the "Course Content" button in the navigation bar.
  • The Library Resources Widget lets you search for materials in the PSU Library and get help from the Library staff.

The right side displays the Course News Widget, where your instructor will communicate important information and updates to you about your course.

There are many different ways to use this software, so have fun exploring, and remember if you have any problems, click the D2L Help link.