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Creating Groups

Creating Groups

Step 1: To access Groups from your Course Home Page, locate the Faculty Course Tools Widget an click "Groups" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click "New Category" for each activity in which you will have different groups.

Step 3: Give the group category a name. For example, "Discussion Groups".

Step 4: Pick an enrollment time for assigning students to groups.

  • # of Groups- No Auto Enrollments: lets you enter the number of groups to create and lets you add any number of users
  • Groups of #: Creates groups with a specific number of students in them.
    • Randomize users in groups- assigns students randomly. If de-selected you must enroll students on the Enroll Users page.
    • Auto-enroll new users- adds students to a group even if they join the class late.
  • # of Groups: Creates a specific number of groups.
    • Can be auto-enrolled- enrolls students randomly. If de-selected you must add users.
  • Groups of #- Self Enrollment: Creates groups based of how many users you specify will be in each. Students self-enroll using the My Groups page in the Classlist.
  • # of Groups- Self Enrollment: Creates a specific # of groups and lets students self-enroll using the My Groups page in the Classlist.

Step 5: In the Additional Options section, you can provide a dropbox, file locker, and discussion forum for each group. These are restricted to the groups (and the instructor) so that members can share files, store them in the locker, and have their own discussion topics.