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Creating a Checklist

Creating a Checklist

Creating Checklists helps your students know what is expected of them when, and is a handy reminder of tasks on the Course Home Page. Two common ways of using checklists are:

  • Using a Checklist for each Module (or week), with categories for each type of activity that contain each task. (Modue 1, Discussions, Discussion Question 1).
  • Using a Checklist for the Course, with categories for each Module (or week) that contain all tasks for that Module. (Course Checklist, Module 1, Module 1 Reading Response).

Step 1: From the Course Home Page, find the "Instructor Course Tools" Widget and the select "Checklist" under the Teach menu.

Step 2: Click New to give your new Checklist a name. hen click Save. You can now edit your Checklist.

Step 3: To add an item to the Checklist, click "New Item".

Step 4: To help organize the Checklist, create a category to put the task in. (Such as: Discussions, Module 1).

Step 5: Name the task and save your changes. Continue to add each task and category as needed.

Step 6: All of the categories and tasks that make up your Checklist should now be displayed in the "Categories and Items" section in the Edit Checklist view.

Step 7: To set a due date any item or category of items, click the checkbox to its left. Then click"Edit Selected Items".

Step 8: Check the due date box and set a due date for each item. Make sure to Save.

Step 9: To re-order the items, click Reorder.

Step 10: To add your Checklist to the Course Home Page, you will need to either create a new widget or edit an existing one. Within the widget, click "Insert Quicklink" and select the Checklist you created from the dropdown menu.