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Copying Course Materials

You might want to copy some, or all of the materials from a previous course:

Step 1: In the course you want to copy materials into, select "Course Settings" on the right side of the yellow navigation bar.

Step 2: Click on Import / Export /Copy Components.

Step 3: Make sure "Copy Components from another org unit" is selected and click the "Search for Offering" button. Be sure to search for the correct section number, term and year. When the course you need appears in a pop-up window, click the button to the left of the title and then Add Selected, and then Next on the main screen. 

Step 4: We strongly recommend choosing "Copy All Components" instead of trying to select individual items or categories, because there are sometimes background connections between items that are invisible until you attempt to use them. If you do not copy all items, these connections can be broken and result in missing or broken component error messages. It is easier to delete the items you do not want after you have copied them, instead of trying to copy items in separate batches

[NOTE: You also have the ability to select individual components. It often takes a moment for the list of course components to appear. When they do, choose which components you would like to copy. You can click the top box to select everything and then de-select any files you don't need. If you click Course Files and "Select individual items to copy" you will make your selection on the next screen. (If you are selecting individual files you may need to reveal them by clicking the small plus sign to the left of your module names.) Click next.]

Step 5: A course copy queue will open up. This may take a few minutes or more depending on the size of the course being copied.

Step 6: Once the copy has been completed, you may click on any navbar link to exit the completion screen.