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Adding a Recurring Event to the Calendar

The Calendar Tool can be used to notify students of reoccurring deadlines or about items that are not specifically displayed in the course content.

Step 1: On the Course Home Page locate the Calendar Widget and click the day on which the event will occur.

Note: For a reoccurring event, click the first date the event will occur.

Step 2: To create a Course Event for a task or assessment that does not have one specific instance of a start or end date in the course content, click Create Event.

(This could be a reoccurring submission deadline, or a period of time in which certain assigned readings should be completed.)

Step 3: Give the Event a Title and Description and the time in which the event will occur. Reoccurring Events will not link directly to content.

Step 4: To add a recurrence or restriction to the event, click either the Add Recurrence or Add Restriction button. These options will expand for you to give specific instructions.

Step 5: Save your changes. Your recurring event should now be displayed in the Calendar.