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Accessing Closed Captioning for YouTube Videos

Closed Captioning is available on one or more videos used in this course. Closed captions can help better communicate auditory components of the video to viewers.

Step 1: Load the YouTube video in your web browser.

Step 2: Before clicking the "Play" button to begin the video, locate the options toolbar underneath the area where the video will play.

Step 3: If Closed Captions are available for the video, a button labeled "CC" for Closed Captions will be displayed on the right side of the video options toolbar. If you hover your mouse over this button the following text will appear: "Automatic captions available in your language."

Step 4: To access closed captioning while viewing a youtube video, click on the CC button located underneath the video on the right side of the video's options bar.

Step 5: A pop-up menu will appear. For English click on "English- (transcribed").

Step 6: The CC button will now be illuminated and captions will display when the video begins to play.