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Programs and Majors

Portland State University offers more than 120 academic majors, minors and concentrations which have tremendous breadth and choice. A wide range of University programs are found within our schools and colleges. To find out more about a specific major, degree program or certificate, select the appropriate link at the left of the page.

University Studies

In 1994, Portland State University adopted a new general education program, University Studies, which provides students with a coherent and cohesive program of integrated learning experiences. The ultimate goal of University Studies is to enable graduates to develop the attitudes and skills needed to pursue lifelong learning.

Honors Program

The University Honors Program is the honors college at Portland State University; it is meant for students who plan, after graduation from college, to go on to graduate school or to professional school, in other words, to work toward the Ph.D., the M.D., the J.D., or any of the other advanced degrees. Once admitted to the Program, students are excused from the general university requirements and instead complete the undergraduate degree by a combination of work within the honors college and in their departmental majors.