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Virtual Device Technologies
Virtual Device Technologies

Designing and developing new technologies has never been an easy task, and in the Digital Age when much of the new technology we encounter is based on computer programing, and a code is required for every function a device preforms, developing new technologies has become increasingly difficult, time consuming, and expensive. For every device we use, from smart phones to Blu-ray players, prototypes had to be built, not just of the device itself, but of the components that make the device, and of the software that enables the device to function. The prototype is how scientists and engineers test the viability of their technologies. Virtual Device Technologies (VDT), a Beaverton-based startup with close ties to Portland State University, offers its customers a way to develop customized virtual prototypes of their technologies using computer-aided design and engineering software.

VDT was founded in 2012 by Dr. Fei Xie, an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at PSU, and his partners, who together have taken proprietary technologies developed by Dr. Xie at PSU and put them to use in the field of virtual prototyping.  It is VDT’s mission to “revolutionize hardware/software co-development flows, significantly reducing product time-to-market for devices and systems.” The AVP Studio, VDT’s flagship product allows users to analyze software and hardware for systemic and localized flaws without taking the time and going through the trouble of building physical devices.

The costs of developing hardware and software in both capital and human resources has skyrocketed over the past few years as technology has become more and more complex. The services offered by VDT have the potential to drastically cut those costs and reduce the time it takes for new technologies to come to market. The companies developing the next generations of medical devices and other machines that improve our quality of life and the companies designing the software that’s connecting us and bringing the world together are both equally suited to benefit from the team at VDT and their remarkable AVP Studio.