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Tracy J. Prince
Tracy J. Prince

Tracy Prince. Scholar in Residence at the Portland Center for Public Humanities

The author of Portland's Goose Hollow (2011) and  Culture Wars in British Literature: Multiculturalism and National Identity  (2012), Dr. Tracy Prince is also a featured speaker for Oregon Humanities in the Conversation Project program and travels throughout Oregon presenting "Uniquely Oregon: Native American Art of Oregon." Dr. Prince has spent her career teaching and writing about race, gender, and social equity issues. She uncovers forgotten or overlooked historical moments by digging through archives and interviewing folks who like to talk about the good ol' days. 

Dr. Tracy Prince has lived all over the world--having taught in or spent extensive research time in Turkey, England, Australia, Canada, and throughout the US (Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas). She has taught in Humanities, English, and Urban Studies and Planning departments.

For two decades Tracy Prince has juggled both a career in academia and a career consulting for non-profit organizations on board development, program development, marketing, and fundraising. Career highlights: raising over $9 million for cultural, educational, and social service agencies and raising funds for two agencies to build transitional housing facilities for the homeless (in Oklahoma and Nebraska).

Link to video about Oregon Humanities Conversation Project: 
"Uniquely Oregon: Native American Art of Oregon"

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On October 4th, she will participate in the panel discussion "Culture Wars. Other Voices in British Literature: Should 'Welsh Writing in English' be taught as a separate course or module in U.S. Universities?" at the Portland Center for Public Humanities at Portland State University.