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Meiru Liu
Meiru Liu

Chinese Language Instructor, "Laoshi" for the Masters in International Management (MIM) Program
Director, Confucius Institute at PSU

Office: School of Business Administration, room 592 
Phone: 503-725-2285 

Dr. Meiru Liu, Chinese Language & Culture Professor and Director of Confucius Institute at Portland State University, received her MA and Ph.D. from Portland State University and MA Graduate Certificate from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has been directing and teaching business Chinese and culture in the Chinese Program of the Master of International Management in School of Business at PSU since 1996; directing Oregon K-12 Chinese Language Teacher Training Program, serving as co-lead professor of the graduate professional Chinese language teacher training program since 2008. She is an invited consultant and teacher trainer for several Chinese teacher training programs at universities in both the US and China, and business Chinese culture and cross-cultural consultant for several multi-national corporations. She has been serving as an invited guest speaker for Hanban’s training of Chinese CI co-directors and a member of Hanban’s expert team in international Chinese teaching and learning materials, and organized and co-organized more than a dozen regional, national and international conferences, forums, seminars and workshops on Chinese Pedagogy, Chinese Language Teaching, Chinese Language Teaching and Teaching Materials, Cross-Cultural Communication and Translation Studies, Oregon-China Investment, Education, Culture and Tourism, Chinese Education and Economic Forums, to name a few. Dr. Liu is the author of several published academic books in China area studies, Chinese business culture studies, translation and cross-cultural communications and Chinese pedagogy, author and co-author of more than a dozen Chinese language textbooks of business Chinese, spoken Chinese, Chinese characters, and Chinese culture reading series. She has served as invited keynote and guest speaker and a frequent speaker and presenter at regional, national and international conferences, and published numerous journal articles in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign and international language.