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Meet PSU Cultural Ambassador from Libya
Meet PSU Cultural Ambassador from Libya

Name: Ashour S. Abdulaziz
Home Country: Libya
Home City: Al Barkat, Ghat, Libya.
Current Location:  Milwaukie, OR
Current Plans: Finish my MA in Applied Linguistics
Graduation Class: 2013
Graduation Major: MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


To request Ashour for an event or to contact him, please go to our main Cultural Ambassadors page here.


Ashour's top recommendations from Libya:

  • The main museum in Tripoli. Known as the “Red Castle Museum” or “Assaraya Alhamra Museum” (Arabic: متحف السرايا الحمراء). It is located in the heart of Tripoli. It includes exhibitions and collections for prehistory Libyan region, Ancient Libya tribes and traditions – the Maghreb Berbers: Garamentes, Tuareg, and others. Libyan culture during the Phoenican–Punic–Greco–Roman Libya–Byzantine–Ottoman Libya-era traditions. Islamic architecture. Italian Libya, World War II, Libyan independence, and 20th-century Libyan heritage and Natural History of the Libyan region.
  • The old town in Tripoli, which is also in the center of Tripoli just by the Red Castle Museum. It has many shops for jewelry, Libyan traditional outfit, and many uncountable and interesting things you can get for a very reasonable price as a great memoire for your visit to Libya.
  • The Roman Empire city and ruins in the ancient city of Leptis Magna in Al Khoms,  130 kms (81 miles) east of Tripoli on the Mediterranean.
  • The ancient Roman city ruins in Sabratha, 61 km (41 miles) west of Tripoli.
  • Cyrene is defiantly is a must see if you happened to visit eastern Libya. It is the ancient Greek colony, and then the Roman city in the present day city of Shahhat in east Libya.
  • The oasis of Ghadames in the western region of Libya. It is a really important cultural town.
  • Um El-Ma'a Oasis Lake (Arabic: بحيرة أم الماء ) ( English: The Mother of Water Lake ) is an oasis with a large lake located near Ubari on the Sebha – Ghat road in the Libyan southern Sahara.
  • Oasis of Ghat, which is my hometown and a very important desert tourism attraction. It has three Old towns and very famous for its unique culture and traditions as well as the languages spoken there such as Tamahaq (the Tuareg language), and Hausa.
  • The Libyan cuisine is something you cannot skip, including Cuscusi, Rushda, Bazzin and Libyan traditional bread.
  • Green Libyan tea is another unforgettable experience. It is the symbol of warm Libyan hospitality and is always served after meals or with Libyan cookie and other desserts.
  • Libya is very rich with its diverse cultures and almost every city is a tourist attraction and has something special to provide. Welcome to Libya.