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Meet PSU Cultural Ambassador from Japan
Meet PSU Cultural Ambassador from Japan

Name: Shimpei Tsurumaki
Home Country: Japan (Central Area)
Home City: Born in Nagoya, AICHI. Then moved to Yokkaichi, MIE.
Current Location: Portland, OR.
Current Plans: Seeking a full-time position in Japan.
Graduation Class: Fall 2012
Graduation Major: International Studies - East Asia (Post-bac Undergraduate)
Previously I had studied International Business in Japan.
Languages Spoken: Japanese, and English.


To request Shimpei for an event or to contact him, please go to our main Cultural Ambassadors page here.


Shimpei's top recommendations from Japan

  • Divert items which the Japanese convenience store handles. You might notice the variety of Bentos, beverages, and deserts as well as printing and ticketing services thru the kiosk there.
  • The chaos of Harajuku in Tokyo leading youth culture. The headquarter of the niconico douga (mother of
  • The traditional tea house street in Kanazawa. Feel Wabi-sabi sense at Higashi Chaya-gai. Enjoy fish since Kanazawa is also famous for its fish market.
  • The Industrial Cluster in Central Japan. Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Brother etc...
  • Mie Prefecture (My hometown!) Production of green tea leaves. Iga-Ueno city is the home place of Ninja!