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Meet PSU Cultural Ambassador from Indonesia
Meet PSU Cultural Ambassador from Indonesia

Name: Fraya Zanora Saquina

Home Country: Indonesia

Current Location: USA

Current Plans:

  • Finishing my undergraduate degree
  • Promoting Indonesian culture in Portland via Permias PDX
  • Seeking career opportunities in International Business and other International-related field

Graduation Class: 2012

Graduation Major: Marketing

Languages Spoken: Bahasa Indonesia and English

To request Fraya for an event or to contact her, please go to our main Cultural Ambassadors page here.

Fraya's top recommendations from Indonesia:

  • Bali: An island that is known as one of the most famous tourism destinations in the world. You can enjoy the unique Balinese culture and go swimming, snorkeling, diving, sun bathing, or even just laying down on tropical beaches across the island. The people here are very tourist friendly!
  • Yogyakarta: A city famous for being the center of education and classical Javanese culture in Indonesia, and also the second most popular tourism destination after Bali. Yogyakarta has over 50 higher education schools spread throughout city, thus given the title of ‘Student’s City’. Visitors can enjoy shopping at Malioboro, learning about culture and history at Kraton (Sultan’s Palace) and Borobudur and Prambanan temples, or eating Yogyakarta’s famous food: gudeg.
  • Jakarta: Indonesia’s capital city, and also one of the top 10 largest cities in the world. Here visitors can learn about Indonesia’s old history at the museums in Jakarta Old Town. Shopping is a must in Jakarta, and you can choose to bargain at traditional markets or check out luxurious items at the malls. Jakarta also hosts the Jakarta International Film Festival, Jakarta Fashion Week, and Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival that are important for its hip and trendy lifestyle.
  • Bandung: Many people in Jakarta often have a weekend gateway trip to Bandung, due to the relatively short distance of only 2 hour drive from Jakarta. You can see the relics of the former Dutch colony here, as well as shop denim and stylish export quality clothes at factory outlets located on various streets in Bandung!
  • Countless Other Things and Places: There are unlimited things to do in Indonesia, it all depends on where you go. You can try eating Durian (spiky fruit with a very strong aroma), riding a scooter around the city, having a traditional massage, climbing a volcano, learning how to make batik, and etc. There are many islands to choose from for visiting. The reason why Indonesia should be included in your trip itinerary is because you can enjoy everything at a relatively low price!