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Meet Professor Will Parnell
Meet Professor Will Parnell

Will Parnell, EdD, is a professor in education and a pedagogical liaison to the Helen Gordon Child Development Center at Portland State University. He also coordinates the master's specialization in early childhood education for the Graduate School of Education's Curriculum and Instruction Department. His specialty areas are environments and designs for learning and teaching, equity and culture in early education, documenting young children's learning, and facilitating narratives. Dr. Parnell currently serves on the National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Education's board, is a board member for A Renaissance school of Arts and Sciences, the Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education program committee and he is president of the Inventing Remida Portland project.

Dr. Parnell finished his doctorate in education at PSU in 2005, and has been researching Reggio-inspired practices related to making learning visible and valued, and working with children's creative expression, representational work and Remida creative reuse materials. His most recent research includes a phenomenological arts-based methodology—a/r/tography—as a way to make meaning of action research in early childhood education classrooms. Dr. Parnell has presented on and written many journal articles and book chapters about his research. Currently, he is in the process of co-editing three books; the first book is about Rethinking Readiness in Early Childhood Education and the second and third are a multi-volume works on Disrupting through Imagination: Rethinking Early Childhood Research. His other scholarly articles and book chapters focus on children, teachers and parents' phenomenological experiences in the PSU Helen Gordon Center.

Dr. Parnell has been in the early education field since 1986 with a significant background in teaching and leadership, ranging from work in places such as lab schools, parent cooperatives, and public school settings. He has consulted and started several schools for young children and has designed children's indoor and outdoor spaces with local architects over the years.

Will Parnell, EdD
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