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Meet Professor Robert Scheller
Meet Professor Robert Scheller

Robert Scheller describes himself as a theoretical and applied forest ecologist. Currently an Assistant Professor at Portland State University and director of the Dynamic Ecosystems and Landscape Lab, his research focuses on forest landscape change: how forests have changed, how they will change, and why it matters. His research examines how climate change, forest management, and natural disturbances alter the spatial distribution of tree species, ecosystem process rates, and broad-scale disturbance regimes. Such landscape changes ultimately determine the ability of a landscape to sustain natural diversity and human needs over long time scales. His research employs environmental modeling, remote sensing, multivariate and spatial statistics, coupled with traditional methods of field data collection and interpretation.

Robert has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has received funding from USDA, USFS, NASA, USFWS, TNC, BLM, EPA and others. He is an elected officer of the US chapter of the International Association of LandscapeEcologists and a Board member of the Gifford Pinchot Task Force, a Portland-based non-profit that advocates holistic landscape management.

Robert grew up in Minnesota and he did his graduate work on Forest Ecology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He moved to Oregon in 2007 and enjoys the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest when not on campus.