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Meet Professor Michael Shaughnessy
Meet Professor Michael Shaughnessy

Professor Michael Shaughnessy received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1976 from Michigan State University. His principal teaching and research interests throughout his career have focused on the teaching and learning of probability and statistics, and the teaching and learning of geometry, as well as a related interest in problem solving. It is no wonder then that he is known as "Mr. Probability."

Over the years he has taught many courses in mathematics to hundreds of Oregon's future middle school and secondary school teachers and he has worked with many teachers and their students in their classrooms in school districts across the state of Oregon.

Dr. Shaughnessy is the head advisor for the Ph.D. program in Mathematics Education, and also advises for the Masters Program in Teaching Mathematics (MST). In addition to his work in the classroom, Professor Shaughnessy has given over 140 national and international invited talks and workshops and has authored more than 60 books and articles in Mathematics Education. He has had visiting appointments in mathematics and statistics education in Spain, New Zealand and Australia, and he just completed a term as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Recently Professor Shaughnessy has been the Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation research project to investigate the development of middle and secondary students' conceptions of variability. He also is working on several forthcoming NCTM publications.

Professor Shaughnessy's passion for understanding how students learn math has resulted in a steady improvement and strengthening of school math programs.

Name: Michael Shaughnessy
Title: Professor
office: 323 NH
phone: (503) 725-3624
fax: (503) 725-3661