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Meet Professor Marion Dresner
Meet Professor Marion Dresner

Dr. Marion Dresner graduated with her MS in Natural Resources in 1978 and went on to earn her PhD in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan in 1985. Dr. Dresner's research foci include forest ecology, ecology education, qualitative modeling and ecological understanding, and citizen participation in environmental science.

Some grant funded projects Dr. Dresner has worked on includes revising and assess the labs for lower division undergraduate majors classes in ESM, the "Teaching Ecosystem Complexity" project funded by the National Science Foundation, developing and testing teacher training workshops and web-based tools in field ecology research. This project was preceded by another NSF funded project. The "Teachers in the Woods" program, an eight year grant for training science teachers in forest monitoring techniques and tracking their success in implementing projects with students.

Dr. Dresner is currently engaged in a long term research project in Portland's Forest Park. She and her team have installed six permanent research plots; they are studying the impact of urbanization on the forest. She recently began a new research endeavor looking at the ecological and social impacts of backyard habitat restoration in the Portland area.