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Meet Professor Elise Granek
Meet Professor Elise Granek

Dr. Elise Granek graduated with her MES from Yale University and went on to earn her PhD from Oregon State. Her general fields of study include marine ecology, conservation biology, mangrove-coral reef interactions, land-sea connections; disturbance ecology, and marine conservations science and policy.

Dr. Granek's research focuses on the transition zone between land and sea examining how coastal and subtidal habitats interact in terms of biotic and abiotic processes. These studies specifically focus on organism movement and nutrient/energy flow between terrestrial-coastal-subtidal systems.

In light of this interest, much of her research examines the effects of human disturbance to one system (e.g. mangroves forests, terrestrial watersheds) on functioning and community composition of nearby downstream ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs, subtidal rocky habitat). As we design reserves to protect specific habitat types, to what extent do we need to incorporate adjacent systems and habitat features?

In general, her research addresses scientific questions relevant to the effective design and implementation of protected areas and policy to conserve marine community and ecosystem processes and marine biodiversity.