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Meet Professor Dannelle Stevens
Meet Professor Dannelle Stevens

Dannelle D. Stevens, PhD, is a professor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department, and has been at Portland State since 1994. Her roots are in the public school classroom where she taught middle school and high school social studies, language arts, and special education for 14 years across four school districts and three states. She received her master's from the University of Utah in 1985, and a doctorate in educational psychology from Michigan State in 1993. Before coming to PSU she taught at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

Studying how adults reflect on their work and then act on those reflections is the centerpiece of her academic work. One of Dr. Stevens' underlying assumptions is that cognitive, social, and emotional development does not end with the teenage years, but continues through the lifetime. One of the best ways to foster learning and development is through writing reflection on our work, she says.

Besides over 75 conference presentations, she has written four books, all designed to impact development of her fellow faculty and their students. Her first book, co-edited with Joanne Cooper, Tenure in the sacred grove: Issues and strategies for women and minorities, (Suny Press, 2002), was written to help faculty women and minorities negotiate the path to tenure. Her second book, co-authored with Antonia Levi, Introduction to rubrics: An assessment tool to save grading time, convey effective feedback and promote student learning, (Stylus Press, 2005, 2nd ed., 2012), focused on helping faculty improve their classroom instruction through better communication of grading criteria through the use of rubrics. A third book, co-authored with Joanne Cooper, Journal-keeping: How to use reflective writing for teaching, learning, professional insight and personal change, (Stylus Press, 2009), is designed to help faculty understand the value of journal keeping, not only for classroom reflective learning activities, but also in their own professional life.

In addition to teaching classes, she has taken on leadership positions in the department and campus-wide. Currently, she is the EdD doctoral program coordinator. Dr. Stevens coordinates the MA/MS program for experienced teachers. For the university at large, she works within the Center for Academic Excellence as faculty-in-residence for academic writing and facilitates a faculty writing program, Jumpstart Academic Writing.

Dannelle D. Stevens, PhD
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